Best Hair Serum

S.OIL is a hybrid luxury hair oil combining nutrient rich vitamins and minerals with fast absorbing, lightweight organic and eco-certified ingredients, resulting in naturally stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Developed by Three Squares Studio,

Est. 2009 in NYC

Best Hair Serum

Serum + Oil


Clove + Grapefruit

S.OIL provides super nutrients to your hair, strengthening and protecting against chemical, mechanical and environmental damage.

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Serum + Oil


Sandalwood + Clove

S.OIL provides super nutrients to your hair, strengthening and protecting against chemical, mechanical and environmental damage.

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Serum + Oil


Lavender, Vanilla + Bergamot

S.OIL provides super nutrients to your hair, strengthening and protecting against chemical, mechanical and environmental damage.



Three Squares Studio introduces S.OIL. Founded by renowned celebrity hairstylist Jordan Blackmore and esteemed hair industry veteran Niq Ellis with the goal of developing toxic-free beauty products of the highest quality using absolutely zero dangerous or harmful chemicals. When creating S.OIL, we didn’t want to compromise on any detail.

We incorporated proven natural remedies to deliver high-performance, treatment based products all while never forgetting that healthy hair is our single most important intention. Each product has been clinically tested at length by dermatologists to ensure that they deliver results safely, leaving you with the strongest, shiniest and healthiest hair possible.

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How to S.OIL

Apply S.OIL to smooth, style or add shine.
Here are some of our favorite suggestions for use.

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Why not? You have a choice to reward your hair so treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. Our toxic-free formula provides extensive health benefits thru nutrient rich vitamins and minerals that are sure to take your hair to the next level. You win!


Every ingredient matters. We believe in the power of all-natural, organic and eco-certified ingredients. Our products are among the safest in the world! We say NO to parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial colors, ammonia and silicone. Our products are dermatologist and allergy tested, safe for sensitive skin and never tested on animals. #Facts #WeLoveAnimals


We’re committed to a strict health and safety standard. ToxicFree® certified products are guaranteed to be completely free from harmful chemicals and contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the Earth. ToxicFree® certified products are manufactured sustainably and are safe for both you and the environment.


Yes, we’re biased, but we also have more than 30 years of experience in the hair care industry. We’ve used hundreds of products and S.OIL truly stands out as our favorite. We’re confident S.OIL will be your favorite too! Subscribe to our email list and we’ll send you a complimentary sample to try before you buy.


Short-term results from products that contain toxic chemicals often involve long-term health risks to the skin, body and hair. Trust matters. That’s why we list every single ingredient on our packaging. The beauty industry is self-regulated. According to U.S. federal law, companies don’t have to list every ingredient in their product or do safety testing.
That’s just not our style.

New! Three Squares Soil Hair Serum Offers The Best Approach to Naturally Stronger, Shiner, and Healthier Hair.

Best Hair Serum

To ensure you make a good first impression, it is essential to take care of your hair. Using a hair serum will help prevent frizz and help to add some much-needed shine.

Benefits of Hair Serums

Prevents Frizz

Using our hair serum on your hair will help prevent frizz by adding a layer of protection and preventing breakage so you no longer have to worry about any kind of frizz.

Nourishes Hair

Our hair serums also nourish your hair as they contain amino acids which will help your hair grow as well as protect dyed or styled hair. This added nourishment also allows you to go longer without washing it – which is healthier for your hair!


For those with dry and brittle hair, hair serums are almost necessary to revitalize and moisturize your hair. They allow your hair to become manageable, even after days without moisture, which can be quite a feat if you are prone to dryness.

If you are constantly using tools such as a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron, your hair probably needs this moisture, too.

Saves Time

Using hair serum will allow you to wash your hair less, as well. It, of course, does not replace washing your hair but it will add moisture back into your hair without adding grease which some revitalizing products do.

Hair serums also allow for your hair to become easier to work with, creating an easier basis for hairstyles. That being said, it is safe to say that using hair serum allows you to quickly start your day since you won’t spend so much time washing and styling your hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Serum

There are so many different choices on the market, it can be difficult and confusing when choosing the best hair serum.

First, you must be aware of your hair type, whether it is straight or curly, or dry or greasy – this is important when choosing the best hair serum for your hair.

Second, you must identify what the purpose of your hair serum is. Some hair serums are made specifically to nourish and hydrate your hair, while others are used specifically for styling.

Third, identify what you want to use the product for and when. Some products are made to go into your hair when wet, others while your hair is dry. Certain hair serums are made for everyday use and others are specifically for when you are using heated tools.

Hair Serum Tips

  • Learning to master your hair products can be one of the most helpful ways to help your hair; many have hair products that they are not using properly or to their full potential.
  • You can use multiple hair products together since hair serum is often used at the same time as other styling products. You can use mousse to add volume and hair serum to add the shine that mousse tends to take away. Hair serum can solve many of the problems that other hair products will cause by adding moisture and shine back into your hair.
  • Apply the serum to your ends; specifically, for those with greasy hair, it may seem unnecessary to purchase a hair serum, but the ends of your hair will still get very dry. Skip the top of your hair and focus solely on the bottom half to revitalize your dry bottom hair.
  • Allow the product to warm up and break down in your hands before applying it to your hair. When you place the product in your hands and rub your hands together, give it time to activate properly and then apply it into your hair. Doing this will allow the product to soften up and be spread out easier throughout your hair.
  • The best way to get the most out of your hair serum is to get a product that works best with your hair type. Finding the right product for you will drastically change how the product performs and will allow you to use it to its full potential. For example, those with fine hair do not have to worry about flat hair, they just have to search for a lighter formula that will not weigh down the hair.

About Our Hair Serums

All of our products are organic, natural, safe and eco-certified because your hair deserves the best it can get. Our products have different, unique scents and unlike many typical hair products, the scents are natural smelling.

Our ‘Oak’ serum/oil, for example, is lavender, vanilla and bergamot flavored. The ingredients are recognizable – containing coconut oil, tea tree oil and broccoli seed oil, all with explanations of their importance for your hair. The product is perfect for those with many different hair types, as it is made to provide you with nutrients for your hair – to strengthen it and protect it.