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Which Natural Products Are Good For Your Hair?

Most people think that it is not necessary to apply essential oils to their hair. That is because the scalp produces sebum – which is the natural oil produced by the skin. But the sebum produced by the skin is quite light and is designed to keep the hair lubricated and waterproofed. But with regular washing of the hair and other environmental damages, sebum is stripped away that results in a dry, itchy scalp and hair loss with time. That is why it is useful to apply an effective essential oil to protect your hair in the long run. There are many essential oils that could be used on your scalp. The most important thing is to choose the right oil for your type of hair. This article provides information on which essential oils are best for your hair.


Natural Hair Products

Natural Oils

Essential oils are a gift from Mother Nature, and they have truly amazing medicinal properties to protect your hair and encourage the growth. They are ideal for improving the circulation and stimulating the hair follicles. These oils are very effective in preventing a dry, itchy scalp and premature graying. Most of the essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. That is why it is important that you blend the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying to the scalp. Although there are many carrier oils out there, the best ones are coconut oil and jojoba oil.


Lavender essential oil is one of the best hair oils out there. The oil improves the circulation on the scalp when massaged gently. It helps prevent hair loss and promote hair growth over time. It is also a powerful moisturizer with antiseptic and antimicrobial. The essential oil balances the sebum production on the scalp and prevents dandruff and other itchy conditions. Rosemary is another essential oil that is good for your scalp and hair. It is a fresh and pungent oil with a woodsy and minty scent. It is packed with many antioxidants to prevent the thinning and graying of your hair. The oil is perfect for promoting hair growth and stimulating hair follicles. Make sure you mix the oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil before using it.


Cedarwood essential oil is a warm and woodsy scent. It can treat many hair issues such as hair loss and dandruff quite effectively. A recent study revealed that cedarwood oil is effective in treating alopecia areata when mixed with lavender, thyme, and rosemary. In fact, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that can result in hair loss over time. Thyme essential oil is another effective treatment for your scalp and hair. Thyme increases the blood flow to the scalp area as well as stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth over time. That is why the oil is added to numerous shampoos and conditioners that help prevent hair loss. Make sure to mix thyme with a carrier oil since it is very strong.


Peppermint essential oil is another effective treatment for hair loss. It does this by increasing the blood circulation and stimulating the hair follicles. The cleansing actions of peppermint oil help unclog the pores. Hence, it is perfect for people with a dry scalp. Peppermint oil has cooling qualities that can result in skin irritation for some people. That is why it is essential to use a carrier oil if you experience irritation on the scalp when applying the oil. Chamomile essential oil is another effective treatment for your hair. It is soothing in nature and comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging the oil directly onto the scalp will help prevent dry and itchy scalp conditions. Also, the oil helps relieve conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It can condition your hair and shield it from the damage posed by the environment. Since the oil is non-greasy, you can use it at any time without any problem. These are some of the most important essential oils for your hair and scalp.


In conclusion, with so many essential oils for your hair, choosing the right oil may not be easy. There are many things to consider when doing so. The aforementioned article provides information on which essential oils are good for hair.