Product Information

1) Are your products organic?

We use organic and eco-certified ingredients as often as possible without compromising the shelf life of our product. Organic ingredients are marked with an asterisk (*) in the ingredient listing of any given product.

2) What are eco-certified ingredients?

Eco-Certified ingredients are absent of GMO’s, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes and animal-derived ingredients. Eco-Certified ingredients are marked with a double asterisk (**) in the ingredient listing of any given product.

3) Are your products natural?

S.OIL only uses ingredients that are organic, eco-certified, natural or naturally derived.

4) Are S.OIL products sulfate and paraben free?

Yes. All of our products are sulfate and paraben free.

5) Are S.OIL products safe for chemically and/or color treated hair?

All S.OIL products are safe for chemically and/or color treated hair. S.OIL actually helps repair damaged hair.

6) Does S.OIL test on animals?

S.OIL never tests on animals. S.OIL is proudly a cruelty-free company.

7) Are S.OIL products vegan?


8) Are S.OIL products gluten free?


9) Do S.OIL products list all ingredients?

Yes, unlike most companies in the beauty industry, we are proud to list every single ingredient used in our product formula(s)

10) Does S.OIL work for all ethnicities?

Yes, both males and females of any ethnicity may enjoy using S.OIL

11) How often should I use S.OIL?

We suggest you use S.OIL each time you wash, however we encourage you to use S.OIL as often as you see fit. S.OIL is certified ToxicFree so it can’t hurt!

12) Is S.OIL safe to use on my skin?

Yes, S.OIL is a certified ToxicFree product meaning there are no synthetic ingredients used, no harsh or dangerous chemicals. S.OIL has been labeled “Safe for Sensitive Skin” after being thoroughly tested by a board certified dermatologist.

13) Has S.OIL been tested for allergies?

Yes, S.OIL has been allergy tested by a board certified dermatologist

14) Where are your products manufactured?

S.OIL is manufactured in the United States of America

15) Are your products recyclable?

Yes, our bottles are made of glass therefore are recyclable

16) Are your products safe for use during pregnancy?

Yes. S.OIL is safe to use during pregnancy. We screen every ingredient for safety, keeping those especially vulnerable, like pregnant women and babies, in mind. If you have any concerns we always suggest consulting your doctor. Many pregnant women are concerned about using essential oils. The essential oil blends for our products make up less than 2% of the product formula. If you are concerned about using a product with essential oils, please consult your healthcare provider.


1) Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not offer international shipping. We only offer domestic shipping within the United States of America

2) What is an order’s typical transit time?

Orders take 3-5 business days transit time



1) Where is S.OIL located?

The company headquarters is located in New York, New York. A city so nice, they named it twice