What Is The Best Hair Straightening Serum For Curly Hair

Hair Straightening Serum For Curly Hair

Is your hair rebellious, and you are looking for the perfect hair straightening serum to tame your unruly mane? If you want to transform your frizzy hair into hair that is sleek and manageable, you will need to put the work in. Part of this process is using the right tools and hair products to make the task a lot easier.

Many women would argue that there is nothing better than having a head full of curls, but every so often, they want to change their looks and turn to styling products and styling tools to make their curly hair straight. Sadly, it can be quite challenging to straighten very curly hair, and if done improperly, you can be left with heat damaged strands. This is one reason why it is so important to use the proper tools and products to minimize the risk.

The following explains the tools, products and process that you will need, from hair serums to shampoos to dryers that will make the job less labor intensive.

Never Start With Dirty or Dry Hair

When dealing with curly hair, it is best to work in sections when applying hair products and/or styling the hair. This will ensure that you reach the roots of the strands, and each strand is brushed, moisturized and dried before you use the flat iron or other heat appliance. Most women choose to start at the back of the head and work the front while pinning the other hair out of the way.

Section The Hair

The best way to use a hair serum is to apply the product to damp or wet hair after shampooing. This is the type of product that also works well on dry-hair. When applying the product drop a few drops into your hand and rub the serum between your palms. Now spread the serum evenly over your hair for silky, shiny and soft hair.

Nourish The Hair

This is the step where you can choose to apply a hair straightening serum made specifically for curly hair. The serum can also serve as a heat protectant to protect the hair from the blow drying process.

You can also add other lightweight oils and styling products to the hair during this time. Depending on your hair type, you may decide to add one or more of the following:

  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Castor oil

All of these oils can be applied to damp hair before you apply it. However, you may find that your hair does not respond well to oils, and in that case, you can apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair instead.

To prevent heat damage, you can add a regular heat protectant on top of the oils, but look for one that does not contain any alcohol. There are several heat protectant products on the market that contain keratin proteins instead of alcohol. These are the types of heat protectant products that will not dry your hair out.

Blow Dryer

You are now ready to blow dry your hair. The hair should be thoroughly dried before you start using any type of straightener on your hair. If you do not, you will hear that dreaded sizzle sound, and you may experience heat damage as well.

There are some women with curly hair who prefer to use the blow dryers with the comb attachments, and there are other curly haired women who do not use these types of dryers. It is a matter of personal preference. However, no matter which one you choose, make sure the hair is taut at the root so you will not have to use as much heat when you use the flat iron.

Using A High Quality Straightener

It is really worth the investment in choosing a quality hair straightener. This is due to the fact that many of the flat irons on the market are not built to tackle curly hair. You want to find a flat iron that is able to maintain an optimal level of heat so you do not have to pass the hot straightener over your hair more than one time. Again, by blow drying your hair in sections, you will not have to use as much heat when it is time to straighten it.

The option of wearing your hair straight or curly is a bonus for curlies. However, even with the best hair serum and styling tools, it is important not to straighten your hair too often. Your hair should stay straight for a few days, and you should never restraighten the hair unless it is absolutely necessary. Allow your hair to rest as much as possible.

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