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Best Ways To Mix Home made Products For Hair Growth

Essential oils are among the most potent natural source of vital minerals, nutrients, and compounds needed for healthy hair growth. Most, if not all, essential oils are obtained through distillation, which produces highly concentrated oil. For this reason, most of these essential oils have/need to be diluted using carrier oils before use. Attempting to use the oils, either tea tree essential oil, black pepper essential oil, or rosemary essential oils in their pure form can trigger allergic reactions in your body. They however are safe and come in handy in diluted form.

Reasons to Use Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Unlike most hair care products on the market today, natural essential oils are highly concentrated in vital components that promote skin health. Some of these oils, especially rosemary, palmarosa, and nutmeg essential oils pack potent antioxidants that promote a healthy scalp, as well and stimulate hair follicles for fresh hair growth.

In addition to stimulating hair follicles, essential oils are known to induce increased blood flow and circulation around the scalp. The increased blood flow plays a massive role in nourishing hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. These oils also ensure the scalp is well hydrated and moisturized, which again helps contain hair loss, brittle hair, and even rejuvenate growth.  As mentioned earlier, you need to be careful with how you dilute or mix these oils for the best results. Although some people will go with only one type, mixing at least 3 blends of essential oils can go a long way in promoting rich, full, and healthy hair. Outlined below are some of the best ways to mix the essential oils for hair care and revitalized growth.


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How to Mix Essential Oils

1. Mixing with Jojoba Oil

For the best results, add 6 drops of essential oil (preferably rosemary essential oil) to at least 4oz of jojoba oil. You will need hand gloves to prevent contact with the highly concentrated essential oil.


1. Unscrew one bottle of jojoba oil (4oz) and place it carefully on a flat surface or countertop.

2. Carefully open the bottle of rosemary essential oil (the 4oz of jojoba oil can only dilute 24 drops of rosemary essential oil).

3. Using a drip or tube, add 12 drops of the rosemary essential oil to the bottle of jojoba oil. Screw its cap tightly, then shake the contents 3 or 4 times, then let it settle. You can choose to add the remaining 12 drops of the essential oil, or any other essential oils. Check out threesquaressoil.com/organic-hair-oil

You can either use jojoba oil, almond oil, or tea tree oil as carrier oils for essential oils. These oils mix well without creating layers, hence recommended for all. As mentioned earlier, you may need a pair of nursing gloves when mixing to avoid contact with the concentrated contents. Other types of essential oils that come in handy for hair care include:

1. Nutmeg essential oil

2. Petitgrain essential oil

3. Black pepper essential oil

4. Palmarosa essential oil

5. Eucalyptus essential oil

How to Apply Essential Oil for Optimal Results

1. Wash your hair using warm water

2. Pat dry using a soft hand towel until most of the water is absorbed

3. Add a few drops of the carrier oil (mixed with the essential oils) to your palm, then apply to your hair.

4. Massage your hair thoroughly to ensure it reaches every part and strand5. Leave the oil to seep in overnight.Should you feel uncomfortable with the oil, rinse with cold water after about 20 minutes. You could also use your hair drier after rinsing it off.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

1. Rejuvenates hair growth:Many people have attested to seeing positive results from using essential oil for hair care. Almost all essential oils contain properties that eliminate toxins from hair follicles and also promote increased blood circulation around the scalp region. This plays a huge role stimulating renewed hair growth.

2. Boosts Blood Circulation To The Scalp Naturally Essential oils work by boosting natural body processes to promote good health. For one, massaging your scalp or skin with these essential oils stimulates increased blood flow to these regions. Increased blood circulation is not only good for the body but also ensures hair follicles get enough nutrients and oxygen, while at the same time flushing out toxins from the system.

3. Pack Potent Antioxidants According to research, essential oils are some of the best sources of powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants play the principal role of getting rid of toxins from body cells.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to dilute essential oils in the right proportions for the best results, as well as prevent possible side effects.  You also need to buy the essential oils from a trusted source as well. You may even be able to find some of these common oils already in your home. These oils have so many benefits its hard not to use them in day to day functions.